Sunday, September 2, 2007

Arca-Swiss R-Line Camera

Eagerly awaited and highly anticipated, deliveries of the R-Line may be just a few weeks away. The Arca-Swiss Rm3d is a compact, lightweight camera that may be utilized with film or digital backs. Designed for handheld use, the camera will adapt to focal lengths of 24mm - 210mm. The Rm3d has rise, fall, shift, and lens tilt movements.

Technical specifications:

Format: up to 6x9cm (analog or digital)
Dimensions: 160x160x25mm
Weight: 900 Grams, 1.98 lbs.
Up/Down-displacements: 20/5mm
with opt. Lens shift: 30/15mm
Lateral-displacements: 10/10mm
with opt. Lens shift: 20/20mm
Tilt: ± 5°
Helical Focus mount: 12.5mm
Finder: ARCA-SWISS Variofinder 120° with masks
Lens attachement: ARCA-SWISS Bajonett
Usable lenses handheld: 24-210mm
Usable lenses with Bellows Kit: 55-400mm
Adapters for digital backs: Contax 645, Hasselblad V/H, Mamiya 645/RZ
Adapters for Rollfilmholders: ARCA-SWISS, Horseman, Mamiya RB
Tripod - Vario Finder attachment: Integrated; Finder, Optical bench and 3/8” thread
Attachment plate for backs: Standard ARCA-SWISS 110x110mm
E-module with electronic leveling aid and distance metering, Lens-Shift lensboard (10mm), RotaSlide® sliding back with rotating attachment plates and stitching-function, binocular-viewer or leather viewing bellows with loupe, bellows extension-kit for movements up to 90mm.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Arca Swiss Product Line

Designed to be stable, modular, and easily transportable, Arca Swiss view cameras are versatile in studio and location work. Ansel Adams used an ARCA-SWISS camera toward the end of his photographic career. Arcas are manufactured to high quality standards, and many early models are still in service with professional and advanced amateur photographers. If you are interested in more information, Contact Rod
in Phoenix, Arizona.

Attached for download is the Arca Swiss Product Catalog
Note: This may take a while to download, it is a 21 page brochure.

Zeiss Jena Catalog from 1907

Zeiss Jena Catalog 1907 dates back to a period in time when modern lens designs were developed. Planars, Tessars, Protars, etc. all began near the turn of the 20th Century.

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