Sunday, September 2, 2007

Arca-Swiss R-Line Camera

Eagerly awaited and highly anticipated, deliveries of the R-Line may be just a few weeks away. The Arca-Swiss Rm3d is a compact, lightweight camera that may be utilized with film or digital backs. Designed for handheld use, the camera will adapt to focal lengths of 24mm - 210mm. The Rm3d has rise, fall, shift, and lens tilt movements.

Technical specifications:

Format: up to 6x9cm (analog or digital)
Dimensions: 160x160x25mm
Weight: 900 Grams, 1.98 lbs.
Up/Down-displacements: 20/5mm
with opt. Lens shift: 30/15mm
Lateral-displacements: 10/10mm
with opt. Lens shift: 20/20mm
Tilt: ± 5°
Helical Focus mount: 12.5mm
Finder: ARCA-SWISS Variofinder 120° with masks
Lens attachement: ARCA-SWISS Bajonett
Usable lenses handheld: 24-210mm
Usable lenses with Bellows Kit: 55-400mm
Adapters for digital backs: Contax 645, Hasselblad V/H, Mamiya 645/RZ
Adapters for Rollfilmholders: ARCA-SWISS, Horseman, Mamiya RB
Tripod - Vario Finder attachment: Integrated; Finder, Optical bench and 3/8” thread
Attachment plate for backs: Standard ARCA-SWISS 110x110mm
E-module with electronic leveling aid and distance metering, Lens-Shift lensboard (10mm), RotaSlide® sliding back with rotating attachment plates and stitching-function, binocular-viewer or leather viewing bellows with loupe, bellows extension-kit for movements up to 90mm.